Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fashion In A City

Fashion In A City (29 June 2013) photo Fashion-In-A-City_zpsd2246728.gif @ Street Stylista

Hey guys, I'm well and alive if anyone's wondering! Haha. Major slowdown in blog posts mainly because of a combination of reasons which I don't want to bore you with. What I do want to share is this upcoming event which has been occupying most of my time, a fashion show + merchandising event! To keep things short and simple,

Enjoy Fashion Show. Beauty Makeovers. Styling Tips. Shop. Look Good. Party!

There will be a good mix of local and international independent labels such as Noël Caleb, Rêvasseur, Saloni Rathor, littleoddforest, Dusk Till Dawn, Chun Ting Liu, Honoré, Asama, Allynna, just to name a few, showcasing and selling their designs at the event, so be sure not to miss out on unique and exclusive merchandise sold at the event!

Do check out the website for more details of the participating designers and labels as well as the facebook page for any latest updates. To purchase tickets, you can drop me an email (for cash purchase only), or visit here (for credit card & paypal purchase).

Hope to see you guys on 29th June! :)