Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Model Off Duty - Josefin N @ Street Stylista
Feather Jacket. Knit Scarf.
Model Off Duty - Josefin N @ Street Stylista
Model Off Duty - Josefin N @ Street Stylista
White faux fur Jacket.
Model Off Duty - Josefin N @ Street Stylista
Camel Coat. Studded Sneakers.
Model Off Duty - Josefin N @ Street Stylista
My favourite outfit of the bunch! Effortless chic.
Model Off Duty - Josefin N @ Street Stylista
Sheer Maxi Skirt.

Model Off Duty - Josefin N
Model: Josefin N / Photographer: Daniel Troyse / Stylist: Caroline Blomst

Love all the outfits and styling in this editorial. As you can see, I picked out my favourites in each outfit. I've always thought that clear/transparent bags and shoes borders along the fine line of being tacky and honestly, I didn't fancy the clear Cheap Monday boots when I saw some of the runway images awhile back. But I must say, I absolutely love how it's worn in the 5th outfit, my favourite look of the ed. The sheer maxi skirt which I've been wanting to DIY for the longest time remains in the form of a piece of fabric. Fab. Must get down to it soon!

On a seperate note, been having some laptop issues in the form of crazy jumpy lines appearing on the screen since the weekend. I'll need to get it fixed before I blog again since it gets a little taxing on the eyes looking at the jumpy lines. Thought I'll give a heads up beforehand. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week! Be back soon!=)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Hello everyone! How was your weekend? So I was bridesmaid for my lovely friend Mimi's wedding two weekends ago which also happen to be the day where alot of other couples got married. Yup, it was 101010. Such an auspicious date don't you think? Not to mention it's so easy to remember that they'll not have any excuse to forget their anniversary every year. Haha. Anyway, the day started really early and lasted until late at night. Slightly exhausting but we had so much fun 'torturing' the groom's brothers and camwhoring all throughout the day. Here's what I wore for the dinner at night.

SOTD - 101010 @ Street Stylista
Forever21 Dress, Charles & Keith Shoes, Heart Leggings from Taiwan, m)phosis chain necklace, F21 Accessories

The dress was a lucky last minute find which I bought 2 days before the wedding. I knew I wanted to wear black but the only option I had before that was a maxi dress. Preferring to go short, I made a quick trip to town and found it literally by chance on the corner rack at F21. Black, short, chiffon roses and I'm sold. Also bought the sparkly hairband to go along with the dress. I need some bling! DIY-ed my hair doing multiple braids with the intention of some loose waves but decided it looked better in the messy braids so left it as it is. I liked it pretty much=)

SOTD - 101010 @ Street Stylista

Full shot of outfit here with my friends who were also bridesmaids (excuse the messy floor!). Pure coincidence that we were all in black. We had a mixture of blacks and florals among the bridesmaids that day.

SOTD - 101010 @ Street Stylista

Totally random shot but I was kinda amazed at how I couldn't figure out what colour the nailpolish is exactly. Quick story. I had a bottle of a pastel green/blue (I think) colour which turned out to be really thin/diluted (cheap nailpolish) so I ended up mixing it with black to see what it would become. This was what I got. It looked grey upon immediate application, then alittle later, grey-green and the next day I thought it looked blue-grey. Confusing but I like it.

Have a wonderful week ahead guys!=)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Suspenders & Mustard

So fashion week just flew by and I'm not even halfway through viewing the runway images from style.com. I did however watch the live stream of the Burberry Prorsum show which I love. Beautiful clothes, fab music. Pity about the model who fell at the end, it was either the shoes or her walk needs some serious improvement. While I slowly catch up with the shows, here are a couple street style randoms of looks I'm loving.   

Coco Sumner @ Street Stylista

Saw this on Vanessa Jackman, a fab street style site you should totally check out. I didn't know who she was but thought she had a really pretty name, Coco Sumner, and after some googling, found out she's actually the daughter of Sting. Her outfit is so easy and laidback, and I'm totally loving the colourful suspenders.

Another casual and easy to throw together outfit consisting of just basics. This shade of yellow which I call the mustard colour (or is there another name for this colour?) is probably my favourite shade of yellow (see here). Also, I'm finally able to do the bun on top of head look with my current length but have yet to wear it out. Will try it soon.

On a totally unrelated note, am really happy I managed to find something nice to wear to my friend's wedding this weekend. It was such a last minute find. Lucky me. Now, I just need to go style the outfit.

Have a great weekend everyone!=)

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Like Her Hair

I Like The Hair @ Street Stylista

I'm attending my friend's wedding this weekend and I need a trim desperately! I'm kinda liking her hair, but probably with a slightly shorter fringe (I like to see clearly..haha). Question, do you guys stick to a certain hairstylist for your haircuts or try out different salons everytime? My hair has undergone numerous transformations and 'experiments' under the hands of my trusted hairstylist who also happens to be my secondary school classmate who also has been cutting my hair for the longest time! Now, if only she wasn't living in Melbourne and back home now so I can get that trim.

Right. This is such a random post. Haha. One more thing, I'm fully aware that there has been a significant slowdown in posts for the past month which I apologise for. Trying to manage time alittle better so I can devote alittle more time to my beloved blog. In the meantime, bear with me and if you're still reading the blog, thanks and I love you guys!=)

Have a great week ahead everyone!