Monday, October 4, 2010

I Like Her Hair

I Like The Hair @ Street Stylista

I'm attending my friend's wedding this weekend and I need a trim desperately! I'm kinda liking her hair, but probably with a slightly shorter fringe (I like to see clearly..haha). Question, do you guys stick to a certain hairstylist for your haircuts or try out different salons everytime? My hair has undergone numerous transformations and 'experiments' under the hands of my trusted hairstylist who also happens to be my secondary school classmate who also has been cutting my hair for the longest time! Now, if only she wasn't living in Melbourne and back home now so I can get that trim.

Right. This is such a random post. Haha. One more thing, I'm fully aware that there has been a significant slowdown in posts for the past month which I apologise for. Trying to manage time alittle better so I can devote alittle more time to my beloved blog. In the meantime, bear with me and if you're still reading the blog, thanks and I love you guys!=)

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Asteria said...

love the bangs!
i used to stick to one stylist but since ive been moving countries, ive been forced to change stylist every now and then. i think what you should do is ask around for references from friends *if u like their hairstyle, that is* cuz i find references are always reliable and good.

ps:would love it if u can join in the fun of my very first giveaway!i'm giving away my handmade jewellery creations:)

Thrive on Novelty said...

Me too! I wish I could pull this look off xx

Lacee Swan said...

yes her hair is incredible!...maybe i can do this, ill give it a shot!