Monday, November 30, 2009


Yellow Fever @ Street Stylista
Yellow Fever @ Street Stylista

Love the outfits of the two girls above paired with yellow leggings. I'm trying to recall if I actually saw anyone at all wearing yellow leggings here in Singapore but don't seem to have any form of image in my head, so I'm assuming I haven't. I love wearing leggings myself but so far, I've stuck to the easy-to-match colours - black, navy blue, grey and the occasional patterned ones. I do have pink ones which I would love to finally wear someday once I get pass the thought of attracting endless stares at the pink legs.

Photos: Vanessa Jackman, Style Clicker


nellieboo said...

i wore my bright aubergine ones.. i think people thought i was fast becoming a brinjal..

bah.. plebians. I think the hot pink ones would look nice!

Audrey said...

hahaha..brinjal! that's a funny one..I would love to see in pink, you in bright aubergine (gosh, I didn't even know there's such a colour name!), matchy-matchy!