Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Models Remix 002 - SS2010 - Maximalism Basics

Models Remix 002 - Amanda S @ Street Stylista

Guess who was spotted at Paris Fashion Week? Ok, she's not exactly that famous unless maybe if you live in Hong Kong, which I don't but I know who she is?! Amanda S is a Hong Kong model whom I think has appeared in countless magazines across Asia. I actually spotted her in a pic on where she was photographed with Hidetoshi Nakata, the Japanese former football player.

The above pics are courtesy of Jak & Jil. Love the top! I would never have guessed the back looked like it did if I only saw it from the front. I doubt it is front-back reversible though at first glance it sure looks like it. Love it nonetheless. 

Models Remix 002 - Sasha Pivovarova & Person @ Street Stylista

Another fab outfit worn by Sasha Pivovarova (left) and a random person on the streets of Sydney (right). As I already raved about in earlier posts, draped clothing are so my thing. Especially if you can do all sorts of knots, twists, self-drape, etc etc to create different looks with that piece of garment. I'm kinda liking the wrap thing the both of them are wearing, it's sort of similar to the large collar/hood function you can find in some jersey pieces. Sasha is wearing a Rick Owens dress I think (read it somewhere), the girl on the right is wearing a Complex Geometries wrap, which I honestly suspect is a label I will love. Must check it out online soon.

Photos: Altamira NYC (Sasha P), Jak & Jil (Amanda S), Street Peeper

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