Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twilight Cast @ VMA 2009

Twilight Cast

The Twilight trio at the recent MTV VMA Awards. Kristen Stewart is now sporting a short bob hairstyle. Picture on the bottom right, a case of reel & real life? Watch the latest New Moon trailer here. I hope it turns out as good as the book. And I duno why I'm typing random sentences instead of complete ones.

If you watch The Hills, omg, check out this pic of Stephanie Pratt (Spencer's sister), she freaking looks like a clone of Heidi Montag. Either its some magical make-up or she did something to her face.

Photo: mtv.com

(Notice: I have been wanting to be able to post bigger images for awhile now, kinda just figured out how, which is quite stupid of me. So I guess from now on, you will be able to see bigger and hopefully clearer images! I doubt I will be changing previous posts though so just make do with it.)

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