Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling Lucky? 14 Items, 14 Looks Giveaway!

Hey guys! How's your Chinese New Year been so far? Mine consisted mainly of playing mahjong at home with our own rules (totally not a pro player at all) and my luck at the table has been pretty good so far. It's only less than halfway thru CNY so there's more time to win somemore (hopefully)!

Guess what? Caroline from carolines mode is currently having this awesome giveaway on her blog where you can win a complete look! Basically, there are 14 looks styled from 14 items where you can choose you favourite look and stand a chance to win everything in that particular look. Cool giveaway eh?   

14-Looks Contest @ Street Stylista

Out of the 14 looks, there are a few that I liked but this is my favourite look very simply because it's a complete look from head to toe, from outfit to accessories (which I love btw, especially the chain bracelet). I also like the fact that I can mix & match the pieces in this look with my existing wardrobe, which gives me more options in layering, huge plus point! Plus, I don't own a leather jacket, so it'll be my first ever leather jacket if I do win!   

14-Looks Contest @ Street Stylista

If you noticed, these 14 items consists of mainly easy to wear essential basics which is great for everyone. I'm sure there are at least a few pieces in this lot that will be great additionals to your wardrobe. This giveaway contest is on until 22nd February (3 more days!) AND it's open to everyone worldwide (woohoo!). You can find out how to join the contest HERE. Good luck everyone! And to myself! Haha.

If you love streetstyle, you may wana check out Stockholm Street Style as well. 

Photos: carolines mode 


Shayane Teo said...

play mj?! really? next time ask me along ya! heeee...was a carrot head @min's yesterday TT

Audrey said...

haha..mj is like an annual cny affair for me man. You can join us next year! carrot head? wat carrot head? haha...