Monday, June 7, 2010


Fashion156 - The Summer Issue @ Street Stylista
Fashion156 - The Summer Issue @ Street Stylista
Fashion156 - The Summer Issue @ Street Stylista
Fashion156 - The Summer Issue @ Street Stylista

The Summer Issue
Models: Natalie Sorrell, Kristina & Aina / Photographer: Diana Chire / Stylist: Guy Hipwell
(Full Editorial Women / Men)

While summer is on the way for some of you, here in Singapore it's basically summer all year round. Although recently, the weather has gone back to its fickle mode, sunny one second, rainy the next. The first pic above puts me in a good mood. Super colourful setting, the digital printed swimwear, eating ice cream and chilling out with friends. Speaking of chilling out with friends, caught SATC2 with the girls last week. Plenty of laughs (Samantha's hilarious) and loved the fashion obviously. I think the cast had a change of outfits in every scene, visual fashion fest for sure.

So have you guys been shopping up a storm at the GSS? Plenty of good deals still going around so you still have time to go shopping if you haven't already. I finally visited the Actually Actually store at Purvis street (it's the sister shop of the Actually store at Seah Street) last week mainly to check out the range of Complex Geometries and Juun J's clothing line they carried. Love the CG stuff they had, as for Juun J, I saw mainly only T-shirts. The store's currently having a GSS sale as well so do check it out if you like indie labels. Have a great week ahead everyone!=)


Yuliya Libkina said...

Beautiful photos!!

inked said...

ugh i'm so glad it's summer :) def shopping up a storm!

MM said...

I love the colourful prints and happy pics!!! :D
Let's do that together someday! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

These are really lovely! ^^

A.n.E said...

haha its atcually getting into winter where I am... but I'm still loving and absolutely feeling those digitalprint swimwear! ++ for the sleeved one-piece in the centre!!

p.s. thanks 4 stopping by.

johanna said...

oww such a cute blog =D
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love, j

Anonymous said...

Cute blog ♥

lacee said...

GREAT editorial----i so want one of these darling suits!!!