Friday, March 16, 2012

Colour Block Clutch

Awhile back I received a whole bunch of goodies from 3M to test out and review. Since I had to give the product a test run, I figured why not make something in the process and in the end, I decided on a simple duo-tone clutch bag which was relatively easy to execute.

Colour Block Clutch 3M @ Street Stylista

Some of the materials I used: Assorted Felt (from Daiso @ $2/pack), Faux Leather, Metallic Zipper & Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors.
Colour Block Clutch 3M @ Street Stylista
After making a simple pattern for the clutch, it was time to try out the Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors. I used the scissors to cut out both the paper pattern and fabrics which was very convenient since I usually use separate scissors for paper and fabrics. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the scissors cut through both the felt and faux leather. Another major plus, it's lightweight and has comfortable grip handles.

Colour Block Clutch 3M @ Street Stylista

I guess the only thing I was slightly dissapointed in was that the scissors probably isn't that ideal for all fabric types since I did try using it to cut jersey and it was alittle rough to cut through. However, overall I really liked how functional and convenient the scissors was and would definitely recommend it for those of you interested in scrapbooking or simple crafts.

Colour Block Clutch 3M @ Street Stylista

Finally, after some sewing magic, my new clutch bag!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!=)

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Dee said...

That looks awesome!
Great crafting ideas for the weekend :)