Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lady Gaga for Elle US January 2010

Elle US January 2010 - Lady Gaga @ Street Stylista

"I feel that if I can show my demise artistically to the public, I can somehow cure my own legend. I can show you so you’re not looking for it. I’m dying for you on domestic television—here’s what it looks like, so no one has to wonder." Lady Gaga

Elle US January 2010 - Lady Gaga @ Street Stylista

Elle US January 2010
Celebrity: Lady Gaga / Photographer: Tom Munro / Stylist: Joe Zee

I've always wondered if people actually liked or hated her more. I mean, she's not exactly your typical pop star. Very out there, in your face, controversial and maybe to some, alittle overrated? I guess I would consider myself a fan since I really like how she tries to differentiate herself from others through her styling and is actually good at it. Of course, she does have a fabulous team working with her to bring creative visions to life. I kinda realised that I do post quite abit on Lady Gaga here on the blog which honestly, is unintentional. I guess when an image or idea speaks/inspires/jumps out etc. at me, I just share it on the blog. Speaking of which, lately I've been having some thoughts regarding the blog. Will probably blog about it another day.

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