Friday, July 23, 2010

I Read Magazines!

Magazines Galore @ Street Stylista

First off, this is a really random post about magazines which I bought last month and recently. Realised I bought lots of mags last month coz of the sale at Kinokuniya so decided to take a pic of some of the mags I got. If you're not into magazines, er, read the other posts below? Haha.. 

(Bottom Row, L-R)
1) Vivi (Taiwan) July 2010 - The Japanese edition was sold out when I went to the store so I settled for the Taiwan edition which I think is essentially a compressed but similar version to the Japanese one. The magazine is still in its wrapper, which obviously means I haven't read it yet. The Japanese edition of this mag comes out like 2 months ahead of time, just like Vogue Nippon. OMG totally backdated.

2) Vogue Nippon July 2010 - I think this is my first physical copy of Vogue Nippon. 

3) Elle Girl Korea June 2010 - Was looking for Vogue Korea but I don't think they sell that in Kino. Either that or I was late again. Saw Teen Vogue Korea as well but the cover and cover story was a reprint of the issue of Teen Vogue US with Karlie Kloss which I already saw before. Plus it was kinda wordy. And I don't read Korean. Elle Girl was way more eye-catching.

4) Elle Singapore August 2010 - Picked this up at the supermarket yesterday. 

(Top row, L-R)
5) Vogue Italia December 2009 - This was the tweetpic-themed issue photographed by Steven Meisel. Saw a copy at Bras Brasah at less than half e price so decided to get it, although I've already seen most of the editorials in that issue (It is an old issue after all).

6) Industrie #1 - Anna Wintour as the covergirl. Did a quick browse through at Kino, looked really interesting with many interviews with influential people in fashion. Always interesting to read what goes on in the mind of those people. When I saw this at Kino, I was kinda surprised. Actually, I was surprised in general at the huge range of fashion mags they stock in store besides the usuals. Although it might be coz previously I hardly noticed the section which stocked all the indie/lesser known mags. Another unread mag. Gosh, need to read/browse faster!

7) Russh June/July 2010 - I've only came across this Aussie magazine recently when I saw editorials from the mag. I couldn't find it at Kino, so I got my friend Mel to buy it for me on her trip to Australia. Just got it a couple of weeks ago and I just finished it. I don't know if it's because I'm reading this mag for the first time, but I really like it and all the write-ups inside.

This was the image that made me go WOW and promptly checked out which magazine it was from.

Russh Magazine June-July 2010 @ Street Stylista

The complete editorial is pretty cool if you've seen it. And yes, this was from Russh.

Whew, that was such a long post. Maybe I'll do it again the next time I go on a magazine spree! Haha. For the time being, hope you guys have a happy weekend ahead!=)



Excellent post, and excellent choices. Got to love blogging, but a real paper magazine is SO much better.

kirstyb said...

oh i buy far too many fashion mags each month - sometimes i even forget to read them xxxx

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Is that Christy Turlington on the cover of Vogue Italia? LOOOVE.