Sunday, June 21, 2009

Judge A Mall By It's Cover. Not.

Since it officially opened, it was my first time there today at the new Illuma mall at Bugis. My friend summed it up best when describing the place - beneath the attractive exterior lies an empty shell. Perhaps they were expecting large crowds to totally throng the place but I thought it was excessively spacious given that the extra space could have been used for more shop floors. Though shop spaces were not entirely filled yet, the current mix of stores in the mall was nothing very exciting. The mall had a sky garden which I went to check out but turns out it was not accessible to public yet. The most interesting thing I found about the mall was crazy enough, the ceiling on every level (as seen above). It resembles a random maze-like pattern created by I have no idea what those are called (metal plates perhaps??). Am looking forward to the opening of ION Orchard next month. Hope it doesn't dissapoint.

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