Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Musings

Over the weekend, I made a decision to pass up temporarily on what I think is a rather excellent opportunity to further myself in the fashion industry. Some would probably think it's silly to pass up any possible chance to get into the cut-throat fashion world, but I think I'm just not fully prepared enough such that I am confident of achieving something worthy to be proud of, which is ultimately what I'm hoping to achieve. The good news is, second chances are available. Hence, I will be eagerly awaiting for that opportunity to come along again next year and make sure I'm ready by then.

On another note, I've been so uncommitted to my so-called fashion blog which sucks. All I've been doing lately is checking out various fashion & street style blogs. And loads of reality TV which I'm a sucker for. I just finished Season 3 of The Hills, starting on Season 4 soon. And I can't believe I'm actually watching New Zealand Next Top Model, which I bet you haven't even heard of the existance of this version. Haha.. I've also been watching this other Project Runway-esque reality show called "The Fashion Show" which works pretty much like PR. The show is hosted by Issac Mizrahi & Kelly Rowland and the main difference is there's a mini fashion show (hence the name) every week viewed by real people including fashion insiders and the regular person on the street while they give their opinions on the garments. For PR lovers, you may wana watch this to tide you over til PR6 is shown on TV. Can't wait!

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