Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Kitty V.S. High Fashion

Lady Gaga in two very different fashion spreads. First up, a shoot with the cat without the mouth - Hello Kitty!

Lagy Gaga & Hello Kitty 1
Lagy Gaga & Hello Kitty 2

She would so wear all these looks I'm sure. I, however thinks she looks way better in the editorial below.

Vogue UK Oct 2009 - Lady Gaga @ Street Stylista
Vogue UK Oct 2009 - Lady Gaga @ Street Stylista
(Source: Vogue UK October 2009 / Photographer: Josh Olins)
Photos: Fashionising


93lohy98 said...

love this photoshoot! Where do you find all these pictures? Would love to put on some on my blog. Love your blog it's so inspirating=)

Audrey said...

Hi 93lohy98! Thanks for stopping by..well, I blog surf quite abit so alot of my images are from multiple sources. I do credit images with their sources at the end of every post, so you might wana check those out. Fashion forums such as tfs are also a good source. Hope that was helpful! Do drop me an email or msg here with your bloglink, I would love to check it out too=)