Thursday, October 15, 2009

Street Inspirations

So basically, my folder consisting of images that I want to post here is literally bursting and ultra dis-organized right now. Plentiful of editorial spreads (to come in a later post) and of course, fashion week highlights (erm, much later post I think. Hope). Saved one too many street style shots meant for individual post but since there's an overflow of images, will do a combined post instead. Here goes...

Street Inspirations @ Street Stylista

That stud look on the right? Totally foresee D-I-Y madness going to happen soon enough. On the left, thought the little knotting idea on the skirt was rather clever. Probably try that out sometime.

Street Inspirations @ Street Stylista

(Left) Bows for women. Why not? Looking kinda cool. (Right) Perfume anyone?

Street Inspirations @ Street Stylista

These are just some shots of accessories that caught my eye. (Left) Mary-Kate Olsen carrying a colourful bag consisting of a thousand things on them. (Top Right) Paying homage to Yves Saint Laurent. (Bottom Right) Lace leggings over printed ones. Like.

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