Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Wore A Mask

Ok, so I'm extremely behind in fashion week updates. Paris & Milan produced some really fabulous shows (Viktor & Rolf! Gareth Pugh! Balmain! Chanel! And did you even see those INSANE shoes at McQueen?!?). Will get down to that soon I promise. 

Just a little something else, my friend invited me to some Hoyu hair show at Zirca on Wednesday. It started so late, we got too bored waiting and started cam-whoring. The masks was from the goodie bag they were giving out.

Hoyu Hair Show - Mask

Ok, that's all for now, off to eat xiao long bao! Haha.


nellieboo said...

chio mask! where did u die to? did u manage to get a flea stall?

Audrey said...

hahaha..ello nel! didn't really look actually..u got a stall?