Friday, January 15, 2010

Face Hunter Book

Face Hunter Book @ Street Stylista
Face Hunter Book @ Street Stylista

If you bought The Sartorialist book (I did!), look forward to another upcoming street style book courtesy of Yvan Rodic aka the Face Hunter. According to his website, the book will be available in four versions as shown above. The UK & International version (Pic 2) will probably be the one sold here in Singapore. Can't wait to buy it. Preorders have started, so if you can't wait to lay your hands on a copy, click here for details.

The four versions are as followed (in sequence of pics above):
1 - US & Canada (April 2010) / 2 - UK & International (March 2010) / 3 - Germany & Austria (February 2010) / 4 - France (February 2010)

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Francheska said...

i really want to buy it! x