Monday, January 11, 2010

The Inspired Piece

Elva Hsiao NYE Taipei Concert @ Street Stylista

My friend, Nel took this photo when she went to watch Elva Hsiao's NYE concert in Taipei. Similar much? I thought it was done rather nicely though. Kinda liking her whole look. Elva's stylist made the outfit for her, no doubt very much inspired by the V&R piece.  I really loved Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010 collection and hope that/can't wait to see some of the pieces being shot for editorials. 

Yesterday (technically, since it's already past 12), was my lovely friend, M's ROM ceremony. Congrats babe! In short, the weather was a killer (we actually considered jumping into the pool just beside the reception area), but the food was great, oh and the groom left quite some tears among those who were present. Took some photos which I'll probably share in another post after asking for permission.

Also, I'll be away for a few days which means practically no internet access, so no new blog posts til I'm back. Have a great week ahead!=)