Monday, August 16, 2010

My Birthday!

SOTD - Lacee Swan Ranya Tee @ Street Stylista
Lacee Swan Ranya Tee, Cotton On Shorts, Code Red Belted Sandals, Nerdy Specs from Far East, Rings from everywhere, DIY Studded Cuff

It's my birthday today! Had an early mini celebration with friends over the weekend. Ate alot and finally had the chance to check out KSuites. I thought the place was kinda pricey (we were made to order overpriced drinks) but it's definitely more posh than the normal KBox branches. At least we had fun with some pretty cool recording function in the room and ended up hearing ourselves getting all natural high and singing really loudly. Haha. 

Birthday Cupcakes 2 Street Stylista

MeL made me chocolate cupcakes (my 'birthday cake') I requested for. Very yummy! Thanks MeL!=)

Forgot to do an outfit shot that day so the first pic is actually from I think a couple weeks back (Thanks Ad!). Not exactly taken in the best lighting and I know it's a chessy pose but since it's my birthday, I can pose any way I want. Haha. I'm wearing the Ranya Tee which I was lucky enough to win from a giveaway by Lacee Swan, a talented artist who does beautiful illustrations. She sells the model series tees (currently there are 6 designs) on her site as well, so check them out if you would like a piece of your own. Will definitely take a better photo of the tee another time since this was an impromptu shot taken after a whole day of walking around.

So, there have been a few happenings going on recently. A friend of mine got me involved in a new and potentially exciting project if things go smoothly, so basically I've been very occupied rushing samples to meet the deadline which explains the lack of posts last week. Secondly, the BFF just got engaged last week! Congrats girl! I'm looking forward to producing the 'rainbow connection collection' (you know what I mean. Hahaha..). Lastly, my friend Nel just relocated to HK for work. Nel, if you're reading this, what happened to meeting up before you left? But anyway, hope everything's going well in HK yeah. I'll go look for you if I head there!=)

Have a great week ahead guys!=)

p/s: To all my friends who dropped me sweet birthday wishes and msgs, thanks guys!=)


Thrive on Novelty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you had/have an amazing day and get spoilt rotten. Those cupcakes look to-die-for! xx

If you haven't already don’t forget to enter my giveaway @

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

Happy birthday! those cupcakes look amazing!


Christina said...

happy birthday! I loove your shoes && those cupcakes look delicious!

Beii said...

wahaha!so you caught up with the nerdy specs look too?! hahah! you looks cuteee :P

Asteria said...

happy birthday!:)

rouli said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

cooooool outfit!

and amazin and sooooooooooo yummy post!!!!!!

pls come visit and join:)


Audrey said...

Thanks for all the sweet wishes guys!=)

@ Beii: It was a total random for fun buy. Plus it was super cheap! Haha=)

hiven said...

you're so adorable! love that topx