Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Runway To Street 014

FRTS - Givenchy Striped Jacket @ Street Stylista
Givenchy Striped Jacket from Spring 2010 RTW Collection.

Some posts back, I asked if you guys loved or hated stripes. Some of you decided you love them, some alittle skeptical but willing to try out the jacket pieces. I really like how the stripes on the body/sleeves and lapel create some sort of illusion in this Givenchy striped jacket. This jacket is an absolute statement piece and I think is a rather good starting point for those fearful of stripes. Now, if only we could all afford this beautiful piece. Haha=) 


Clare said...

I love this jacket, it's stunning!

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Gets said...

Loving the jacket! :D Somehow I feel the streetstyle one is paired nicer than the runway one lol. ((:



jamie-lee said...

wow, amazing! they have one similar on queens wardrobe actually! x


Thrive on Novelty said...

Loove striped blazers! I want the street look xx