Monday, July 13, 2009

Electrico for NDP

I hardly ever watch TV these days since I catch practically all my shows on the Internet. TV times are usually dinner or snacking times for me or when I have nothing better to do. Today after dinner, I happen to catch part of the music video for the 2009 NDP theme song on Ch8. NDP theme songs are a big thing. Usually, performers are well-known local singers who have achieve some sort of success locally and regionally. Hence, I must say I was quite surprise when I saw the singer or more like the band performing the song. For the first time ever, if I'm not wrong, the theme song is performed by a band!

Yup, it's local band Electrico! Electrico performs the English version (What Do you See) while Kelvin Chen Wei Lian performs the Mandarian version (就在这里) of the theme song this year.

Personally, I think the song sounds pretty good and it's definitely not the typical NDP theme song, but somehow, with the lack of a catchy tune where the young and old can sing along to, I wonder if it's gonna be one of those songs where you forget about by next year? Honestly, what is the last NDP theme song you can sing by heart? For me, the song that I remember the most is Home/家 by Kit Chan.

Since we're on the topic of local theme songs, look what I found?

Brings back memories yeah?

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