Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Resort 2010

So anyway, I wanted to post this yesterday but couldn't get the photos up. While discussing businessy related stuff with my friend yesterday, I decided to randomly browse through the Resort 2010 collections on style.com. I've read quite a few reviews by other bloggers on various Resort collections but these 2 collections below caught my interest mainly because of the colours & prints - two areas that pose an immediate effect on me whenever I browse clothes.

Basso & Brooke Resort 2010 1

Basso & Brooke Resort 2010 2

Basso & Brooke Resort 2010 3

The collection above is from Basso & Brooke. Digital printing is used to achieve the vibrant colours on garments which are kept to a clean silhouette.

The collection below is Christopher Kane's debut Resort Collection. He described the prints as "sinister yet beautiful" and if you look closely, you'll realise why. Consisting of a series of visually shocking prints of nuclear test explosions taken between the 50's to 70's, these prints are used on T-shirt, babydoll and draped dresses. Even the platform wedges are wrapped with the prints to complete the image from head to toe.

Christopher Kane Resort 2010 1

Christopher Kane Resort 2010 2

Photos: http://www.style.com/

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Le fran├žais parisien said...

I never hearde of Basso & Brooke before, but they have some great pieces!