Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Standing Out From The Crowd

Being an avid you-tuber, I tend to discover/stumble upon musical gems once in awhile. Back in 2008, I stumbled upon this video of a then relatively unknown singer-songwriter doing an extremely hilarious rendition of Opera #2 by Russian singer, Vitas.

I listened to some of the songs on his debut album and remember eagerly introducing his music to my friends. Besides writing his own songs, playing the guitar, having an impressive vocal range, he also has an interesting background story. After getting into a terrible accident where a bus actually rolled over one of his leg, he ended up in the hospital for months and started writing music with a guitar to relieve himself of boredom lying in bed all day. Call it a blessing in disguise, this guy is now a successful indie singer who have a huge following not only in his hometown, Taiwan, but also in many parts of Asia.

Besides his vocal capabilities, he possess what many performing artistes lack - self identity. His distinct personal style including the shirt & shorts combo (which is practically what he only wear on and off stage), black rimmed glasses and bowl haircut, have been adopted by many teenagers and college students alike.

I love the live version of this song. He manages to sing it to a different tune everytime but this is definitely the best version so far. And yes, he is singing about breakfast. And by the way, if you don't already know, this is Crowd Lu.

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