Friday, August 28, 2009

Bloggers Of The World: Tavi

Pop Magazine - Tavi

Even though blogs have been in existence for many years now, I'm extremely new to blogging and before this blog, I think the only blog I read was xiaxue (and that wasn't even on a regularly basis). So, to get inspirations for the blog, I started surfing around and discovering the huge pool of fashion bloggers from around the world. There are literally like thousands of them. This girl you see on the cover on the latest issue of POP magazine is Tavi. She writes her own fashion blog, Style Rookie, is in love with Rei Kawakubo and muses about M.M.Margiela alot. She comes up with non-conventional ways of putting an outfit together, sells her own self designed T-shirts, talks fashion like she's been in it for decades. And best of all, she's only 13.


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