Sunday, August 30, 2009

Someday I Will Have A Book Like This

The Sartorialist

Just saw a video flickthrough of The Sartorialist book on Style Bubble. I mentioned this book in my wishlist sometime back and how I'm hoping to get it when it hits stores here. If I were to publish a book of my own, this would be the kinda book I'm hoping to produce. Not many people know this, probably only 3 are in the know, that the initial concept for this blog was to do something similar to The Sartorialist, like a local (Singapore) version. Hence, the name of the blog. But of course, if you have been following the blog, you can see it's currently nowhere near what I had anticipated. But! Once I get my DSLR, I will start roaming the streets and get some pictures for real. Such an excuse I know. Haha. Well, at least for now, I have been keeping my eyes on anything interesting my friends wear (oops, now they'll know I've been secretly watching them all along) and the random person on the street when I'm not too busy talking to my company for the day.



nellieboo said...

but babe? what does it mean ah? i checked the dictionary no such word..

Audrey said...

I think it means something along the lines of fine/impeccable tailoring/tailored style? try 'sartorial'..the rough meaning is there...