Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rock Star Goes To The Opera Gallery

I would like to introduce two places to visit the next time you are in town. The first being a newly opened shop located at Orchard Cineleisure. I hardly ever go to the 3rd level of Cineleisure (duno why) but somehow decided to explore that level after lunch yesterday with a few friends. We stumbled upon rockstar by soon lee and were immediately drawn to the interiors and wide variety of merchandise in the store.

Rock Star 1

The store sells apparels, bags, accessories as well as a wide variety of sneakers from brands such as Pointer, Keep, Converse, Keds, TOMS & Reebok. Besides apparels and shoes, they also have furniture, cushions, vintage telephones and notebooks for sale. My friends and I also spotted a whole series of Penguin Classics books retailing for only $4.80 each! Great gift for your book-loving friend.

As for the interior of the store, the glass window on the end side of the store brings in ample sunlight which instantly brightens the store, giving it an inviting feel when you walk in. I'm loving the colourful gradient wall at the front of the shop as well.

Rock Star 2

Rock Star 3

Rock Star 4

This store is filled with endless things to explore and has something for everyone. Do drop by the next time you're in Cineleisure.

Rockstar by Soon Lee
8 Grange Road, Orchard Cineleisure, #03-08
Opening Hours: 12-9pm (Mon-Thurs & Sun), 12-11pm (Fri & Sat)

The second place is an art gallery that used to be located in Takashimaya but has now moved to ION Orchard. The Opera Gallery houses art pieces by artists, sculptors, photographers and furniture designers. I've always thought that art, like fashion, is very personal which makes it baffling to the viewer at times. I'm definitely no art expert, trust me, alot of art pieces are beyond my trying to understand the meaning behind them. But I do enjoy looking and attempting to interpret them in my own way. Haha. I've visited the gallery probably 5 times or less when it was still situated at Taka and went for the first time to the new gallery at ION yesterday. The gallery seemed to have gotten a much bigger space at ION Orchard as compared to the old premises. I was walking around and saw this art piece by Alexis Paul near one end of the gallery which stopped me in my tracks. Maybe coz I'm very drawn to faces, or maybe, its was just plain amazing.

Alexis Paul: Imperial Regard

Imperial regard by Alexis Paul

Opera Gallery Singapore
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #03-05

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