Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Ok..lagging in updates again. Will try to do a summary of what has been going on. First off, shopping malls! Went to check out 2 new shopping malls in town.

Orchard Central

This mall is rather huge. Though alot of shops aren't opened for business yet, which explains the low human traffic, seems like it's gonna be an exciting mix of stores. Will check it out again when more stores are open.

Orchard Central 1

Orchard Central 2

This is part of a fashion display you will see when you enter the mall. Totally do not get the blue neon lights though.

Orchard Central 11

Orchard Central 9

Spotted these cool cut-outs on the wall and ceiling on the 7th floor. This level has no shops though. Think it's probably offices?

But the best thing I spotted was this!

Orchard Central 5

This just look like a structure of an enourmous pair of red heels right?

Orchard Central 6

Say hello to the owner of that pair of red heels! Miss Red here is about 4 storeys tall mind you. Do not anger her or she'll stomp you dead.

Orchard Central 7

Here's how she looks like. Smiley and friendly enough.

Something random. Although it can be found in alot of places, if you do go to the mall, do check out the MOS Burger there. The service staff are mainly old folks who provide excellent service. And, they use glasses for drinks and bowls for soups for eat-ins! First time seeing these kinda cutlery used in a fast food joint locally.

Mos Burger Soup Bowl

Mos Burger Glass

ION Orchard

Went to check this mall out over the weekend. Didn't fully explore the place yet though. Only checked out the basements. Human traffic was crazy though. Mainly because it was a weekend and it's a newly opened mall. Will return for a 2nd visit to check out all the other stores on the upper levels.

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